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[:en]Unikids Daycare schoolphotgrapher 2014 01 [:nl]Kinderopvang Unikids schoolfotograaf 2014 01
  • [:en]Unikids Daycare schoolphotgrapher 2014 01 [:nl]Kinderopvang Unikids schoolfotograaf 2014 01

In a year there are many changes, especially for a child. We often do not recognize, until we put the holiday pictures side by side. Fortunately, every year the school photographer come along to make a picture of your child. We know the problem, and especially when you are looking at the pictures of the holiday and there is no nice family picture for you to put on the wall. The family photo selfie is again just failed, dad his head is half on the picture. Or at the moment of taken the photo does just that one truck of all day is passing the sand road.

We are going to solve that problem at Unikids Daycare 2.0, of course we will make the traditional pictures of the children. But also it will be possible to make a nice picture of the family, we ensure that for everyone will fit in the picture and the sand road is closed for traffic. If you come with your family, then it will work out.


When and how we let you know as soon as possible. Because we understand that the one year older does not have to be visible in the picture. You will have plenty of time, so it is possible to go the hairdresser!

Are you still enjoying your maternity leave and your child will come later to our daycare. Of course you are also welcome when we make the family pictures, please let us know in]

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