Changes in 2015


All positive responses from parents in the past year, makes the team of  Unikids 2.0 Daycare even more excited to keep going that way! In 2015 we are not going to change!!

Minister Asscher has announced some changes for the nurseries, playgroups and host parents, the changes are spread over several years. Some changes go into effect next year, we try to briefly summarize what this means for our nursery. Want to know more about the changes in childcare, read this article (No english available).

Educational quality improvement

The pedagogical quality of care will improve through a better mix of HBO and MBO employees, continuing education of the staff and through the use of a child tracking. Employees must know the Dutch language and there is a good transfer of children between preschool and primary school provision.

What does this mean for you at our nursery?

At the moment difficult to estimate, Tilburg running various pilots on VVE programs (Early childhood education). At this time we do not meet the rules to be allowed to join the VVE. VVE pilots have the priority to children with an increased risk of a learning disadvantage, related to the education and income of the parents. In addition, most primary schools in Tilburg are still not convinced of the VVE, which complicates the choice. We are in discussions with the city of Tilburg in order to find a solution. We will keep you informed.

Difference playgroups and childcare is getting smaller

From January 1, 2016 should go apply the same quality standards of childcare and playgroups. In 2015, the first steps are made.

  • January 1 shall be the number of employees on the groups of 2 and 3 year old children aligned, to 2 qualified staff on 16 toddlers. For the childcare this means fewer employees per group and playgroups lapses combined employee and volunteer.
  • As of July 1 also involves four eyes principle apply to the playgroup. It means there are always two people who can watch or listen to the group.

What does this mean for you at our nursery?

For us this gives no changes, the change applies only to toddler groups. We deliberately made the choice for vertical groups. Which means that the age group 0 to 4 years sit together. For us, a conscious choice to let the children grow up together and learn from each other. In most family situations this age difference also occurs. In addition, we wonder whether the reduction to two employees at 16 children is a quality increase for the childcare, even if the employees are qualified.

Childcare allowance

The incomes of the childcare allowance are indexed in 2015. This also applies to the maximum prices. The maximum hourly rates rise along with wage and price developments in 2015. The new maximum hourly rate for day care amounts to 6.84 euros, formerly was 6.70 euros. That’s good news for parents and daycare because parents hourly recover slightly more childcare allowance compared to 2014.

The right to childcare allowance after dismissal will be extended by 1 January 2015 from 3 months to 6 months.

What does this mean for you at our nursery?

A bonus for you! In addition, we see no reason to increase our hourly rate because of the increase of the childcare allowance. As at the start in 2013, then in 2014 and 2015, we remain at the same hourly rate of € 6, 74. Diapers, food, drinks etc. is still included in the price and you can remain exchange unrestricted , an extra day to come, we remain just as flexible!

Strengthen the position of parents in childcare

In early October, Minister Asscher published his bill to strengthen the position of parents in childcare. In principle, for all childcare organizations and for the first time for playgroups it will be required to establish a parents’ committee. Also in the bill that parents get more control over the (educational) quality. Childcare organizations of less than 50 children or registered host parents there is no obligation and they may seek an alternative.

What does this mean for you at our nursery?

Thankfully nothing! For us there is no law needed to stimulate parental involvement. We value parent involvement and parent committee. You make quality at a nursery with a team!

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