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[:en] Daycare Tilburg Unikids nursery oudercommissie Ellen 02 text [:nl] Kinderopvang Tilburg Unikids kinderdagverblijf Parents Committee Ellen 02 tekst
  • [:en] Daycare Tilburg Unikids nursery oudercommissie Ellen 02 text [:nl] Kinderopvang Tilburg Unikids kinderdagverblijf Parents Committee Ellen 02 tekst

Your Word is worth gold!

There is so much news to tell about the parents’ committee and parents of Unikids 2.0 Daycare, we can fill an entire newsletter! As a nursery we are proud of that!

Many nurseries in Tilburg have trouble finding parents or even have no real parents’ committee. This is a national problem that even the Act Childcare and quality preschools is needed. We think this is strange and not good, why as a childcare, preschool or after-school in Tilburg you need a law to let the parents think with you for the care of their own children?

For us this is fortunately not necessary, Unikids 2.0 Daycare, parents, children and Tilburg University do it together! Together, we ensure that your child is in place at our nursery, we are getting better, even cozier and not to forget every year there are more children

Many new parents and children!

You might have noticed but in recent months we have received many new tours and registration! Many new parents have found Unikids 2.0 Daycare thanks to you! We can say how good and nice we are, but your word is worth gold! Spread the word to friends, place a nice review on facebook, linkedin, google plus or our website! We are very grateful!

New member parents’ committee!

Ellen Schalken will strengthen the parents’ committee! Ellen is the mother of Ruben and Jochem. Ellen started at the parents’ committee and thinks along with the nursery! Ellen great that you are there and your commitment to Unikids 2.0 Daycare!

Who is the Parents’ Committee?

Most of you already know, but for the new parents, the parents of the parents’ committee one by one. Want to know more about the parents ‘committee or if you have any questions, you can reach the parents’ committee at

Parents’ Committee Junior!

Astrid and Paul have got a son named Luuk. Astrid goes along for many years in the parents’ committee and we hope she will remain for a long time! Lotte and Sophie’s the daughters of Astrid and Paul switched from a day care center in Tilburg to Unikids 2.0 Daycare. Sophie is now a big girl and went to the Bassischool borne in Tilburg. Luuk is still at home with his mother, and in July he comes to our cozy nursery!

Fun activities!

Last spring breakfast the parents’ committee has organized a fun activity in the nursery and they will do more! Activities will be organized within or outside the nursery and in Tilburg, we will keep you informed via the save the date!

Our parents’ committee is never big enough!

Our parents’ committee is never big enough, the more parental involvement the better we know we do well as a childcare. The next meeting is scheduled in mid-September, will you come along? We welcome everything that the parents’ committee do, but we understand that your time is limited. We take this into account! Do you have any interest, please contact the parents’ committee

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