Unikids 2.0 Daycare has a committed, enthusiastic and dedicated team of employees who are daily in the nursery. This is important to us, we want to provide a familiar environment for you and your children.

Elles Luijten

Directress/pedagogical employee

I am married to Roy and we live in Oosterhout. We have one son Stef. Since 2002 I work in childcare and in 2013 I officially started Unikids 2.0 Daycare. I am happy with this beautiful opportunity and confidence that I received from the university, the Parents’ Committee and employees. I like to lead you around in our beautiful palace and I’ll tell you all about our nursery!

Every day we make another great day for the children. We like it, actually we ourselves also are little bit children. Play together, crafts, sing songs and building sandcastles that what we all want!

Enjoy in a homely environment with different cultures, norms and values ​​that we want to teach the children. You can come along once, then we can show you how the day looks like at our nursery!

A familiar environment also means open communication for us. You are free to propose questions and make comments, this does not always have to be related to the child care! Every day you will be informed how your child is gone that day and we’d love to hear how your day, weekend and sometimes the night has been.. A number of the team have themselves a family and know very well what you are experiencing.

Our team of pedagogical employees are all qualified, some follow higher education pedagogy.

We like to introduce the team of employees to you.

We are busy updating our site! The rest of the team will follow soon!