[:en]Unikids Daycare 1 year party 2014 01 text [:nl]Kinderopvang Unikids 1 jaar feestje 2014 01 tekst

Birthday party 2014

PARTY!! The first year where we as baby company have had cramps, now and then have let a few tears, many have laughed and have put the first steps. As parents we are proud of this beautiful baby and grateful to everyone who has made it possible! Unikids 2.0 Daycare is in perfect health, growing well and is different than the others! We hope that you have experienced the first…

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[:en]Unikids Daycare Teacherday 2014 04 text [:nl]Kinderopvang Unikids leidsterdag 2014 04 tekst

Teacherday 2014

Teacherday Every third Thursday in September is the day ‘Teacherday. The day in which all employees of nursery are spoiled. The children and not to forget their parents, had done their best again. Beautiful gifts and drawings are made to spoil everyone this day! Unikids the Voices Unikids 2.0 Daycare has also brought a gift with an invitation! An invitation for singing, eating and swinging!!! In a real studio with…

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[:en]Unikids Daycare Sinterklaas 2014 02 text[:nl]Kinderopvang Unikids Sinterklaas 2014 02 tekst

Sinterklaas 2014

Whoopee! We were afraid Sinterklaas has forgotten the children of  Unikids 2.0 daycare. But we have received a letter from spain! Dear children of Unikids, The month of December is coming soon, time flies as a fast balloon. We are on our way to you., like the Guide Piet always do. It is a party for young and old everywhere, we hope you all will be there. The whole family may come…

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[:en]Unikids Daycare Vacancy pedagogical staff member 2014 01 text [:nl]Kinderopvang Unikids vacature pedagogisch medewerker 2014 01 text

Job pedagogical staff member

Childcare and nursery job teaching assistant in Tilburg. THIS VACANCY IS COMPLETED! See here our latest childcare vacancies! pedagogical all-rounder Unikids 2.0 Daycare is looking for a pedagogical all-rounder. Someone who besides the daily work as pedagogical member at the childcare group, helps within the team of Unikids 2.0 Daycare to build up the nursery. In 2013 the international nursery in Tilburg, Unikids Daycare, is taken over by former employee…

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