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Dear Parents / carers,

The year has flown by at Unikids 2.0 Daycare.
Sinterklaas has just left Tilburg with his helpers

The nursery and out-of-school care are already in the party mood.

Time for a cozy party, with good food and drinks

To finish the year well, We invite you to come by and enjoy a drink and a snack with us and together we bring a toast to a nice last year and a good and healthy 2018!

Everyone, nursery and out-of-school care, are very welcome, grandpas, grandmas brothers and sisters may all join in. Please let us know if you and your family will come, then it will be a great party.

The Unikids 2.0 Daycare December reception will be

Wednesday December 20
between 17:00 and 19:30
location nursery

Everyone loved it so much last year and therefore we want to ask you again, if you have the opportunity to bring this evening a snack from your own culture or kitchen would be very nice!

We hope to see you!

Team Unikids 2.0 Daycare.

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