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Dear Parents / carers, a letter from Spain!

He's coming! Sinterklaas is coming! Sinterklaas still happily remembers the children of Unikids 2.0 Daycare. Sinterklaas has especially written a letter for all the lovely children and parents of Unikids 2.0 Daycare when he will arrive. Within a few days the boat of Sinterklaas will arrive in Tilburg and then he will come to the nursery! Let you know at the nursery with whom you are coming?

Dear children of Unikids 2.0 Daycare,

Sinterklaas is back on land
and Piet has the map of Tilburg in his hand.
The boat is fully loaded with gifts and sweets
for all the children Sinterklaas meets.

We still have a long journey to go
before Sinterklaas at the nursery will show.
Just wait, don't worry
Sinterklaas will not be in a hurry.

Sinterklaas has his big book and don't need to learn
so all children will get their turn.
The new children may also appear
I hope you don't wait for next year.

All come on November 19
we will make the nursery clean.
So we can sing, dance, jump but don't be lazy
Piet will do something really crazy.

The party will be held from 10.00 till 11.30 in Tilburg town
ask mom and dad to write it down?
The lemonade and snacks are pleasant
and for everyone there will be a present!

So come with the family to the party at Unikids 2.0 Daycare
we hope you all will be there!

Dear children, until then!
from Sinterklaas and Team Unikids 2.0 Daycare.

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