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Kinderopvang Unikids Nieuwsbrief
Dear Parents / carers and relations,

The holiday is upon us, well deserved enjoying sunshine, sea and beach or just relaxing at home with your feet up!

What we are going to do after the holidays at Unikids 2.0 Daycare, you can all read in our new newsletter. Of course, we shall briefly dwell on what has happened. The children have again done their best to make lovely gifts for Mom and Dad. And let's not forget the gardenparty, with a delicious BBQ for the whole family!

Unikids 2.0 team wishes you and your family a very happy holiday and a lot of fun reading!

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Download Picture A very little sun and together with the whole family to enjoy a snack and a drink at the nursery, what more do you need!
It was very busy and fun at the gardenparty. The children played together and the parents catch up with each other.
Up to the the following activity, keep an eye on the "Save the date" calendar!

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Smile to the owl!
Download Picture All children are a year older and then the school photographer comes along.
We would not be Unikids Daycare 2.0 if we won't do it a little bit different!
Have not we all become a year older or is there perhaps a brother or sister born. In a year there are many changes and often it occurs we don't capture this moments with the family..

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2 x Mont Ventoux
Download Picture May 30, 2014 it happened, the climb of the Mont Ventoux for the ALS Foundation.
25.7 km, 1284 meters altitude and an average increase of 4.7% (up to 7.5%). Going once is an achievement but TWICE then you are surely a winner!
Our winner Kirsten got it done. It was not easy, months of training went in advance.

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Moederdag en Vaderdag
Download Picture Coddle the daddies and mommies thatís what the children do!
Now and then some sleep, play, and then again tinkering. The children have worked hard to get off the lovely gifts for mom and dad
The results are great!

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