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Dear Parents / carers and relations,

The summer holiday is coming up, feet up and enjoy! For the children who not go on holiday do not be dissapointed, we are going to do fun stuff this summer. We change Unikids 2.0 daycare into a super campsite!

The past months have been very busy, lots of new registrations. You have probably noticed all the coat hooks are all filled! Also thanks to you, many new parents have come long because you have put in a good word about us! Thank you!

Unfortunately, also a few children are going to primary school, we wish you lots of fun and we hope to see you again?

Have fun reading and we hope to see you again soon at the activities.
Happy holidays all,

Team Unikids 2.0

TIP! Visit our website for the pictures of all the activities and give your comment!
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Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 1 Tekst
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 1 Foto 25 Degrees in Tilburg and a clear blue sky above the nursery, what more does Unikids 2.0 Daycare need to organize a friendly garden party.
And it was a great party, it was pleasantly busy in the garden of the nursery!

See the sunny pictures ...
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 2 Tekst
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 2 Foto There is so much news to tell about the parents committee and parents of Unikids 2.0 Daycare, we can fill an entire newsletter!
As a nursery we are proud of that!

Your word is worth gold, read more ....
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 3 Tekst
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 3 Foto The parents committee has recently been busy. What you may have read in the article "Your word is worth gold."
But there is more, we have a new PC-member. Ellen Schalken joins the PC.

Read more about Ellen and the PC....
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 4 Tekst
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 4 Foto Mom is the sweetest, the children at Unikids 2.0 Daycare do not need to think long about that.
Because mom is the sweetest of Tilburg,
the Netherlands,
the whole world!

Mom the sweetest, read more....
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 5 Tekst
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 5 Foto My dad is very strong, very tough and very sweet! My dad is the best! The children of the daycare will pamper the dads!
Sleeves up and sweat on the forehead in search of the finest rocks.

My dad rocks, read more....
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 6 Tekst
Kinderopvang Tilburg Artikel 6 Foto Tilburg woke up early, to enjoy a pleasant morning. First edition of the Spring breakfast for the whole family and that was certainly not the last.
The dining table was richly filled.

Yummy sandwiches, read more ...
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