At Unikids 2.0 Daycare everyone is welcome and we are trying to make everyone their way during the period of care in our Daycare. We consider it important to communicate openly towards the children, parents and Parents’ association. We provide our information therefore bilingual and is available to everyone on this site and in our nursery.

If you are missing information or have ideas how we can improve Unikids 2.0 Daycare let us know. We are open to changes and your ideas to improve the quality of our care! Would you like to contact us or want to come and visit our daycare please contact with one of our staff

These regulations are provided to serve as a practical guide during the time your child is with us. They also relate to how we provide care in our daycare centre.
With this price-list we would like to give you a clear image creation about the daycare cost.
With these general term we aim to allocate the rights and responsibilities of the parties in a fair and even manner. For consumers this means greater clarity and legal certainty. For entrepreneurs the General Terms and Conditions provide an equal legal basis.
The pedagogical policy is written for anyone involved in the daycare, both parents, carers and staff. The policy gives a picture of the reception and also serves as a means of Unikids 2.0 Daycare to test. This increases the quality of the day care.
Periodiek voert de GGD namens de gemeente Tilburg een controle uit, alle inspecties worden openbaar gemaakt met een rapportage en zijn terug te vinden op deze site.
Periodically performs the GGD behalf of the municipality of Tilburg an inspection, all inspections shall be made ​​public in a report and can be found on this website.